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The Scottish Referendum - 18 September 2014

Both sides of the political divide gathered to debate the merits of 'yes' and 'no'. A once in a lifetime experience (possibly) enjoyed by all.

Malaysia Airlilnes MH370 - 31 March 2014

Speculation comes in many shapes and sizes. Alumnin gathered in London to share their opinions and on possible causes of this incident.

US Presidential Election – 27 September 2012

LSE alumni met in Mayfair to discuss the upcoming US presidential election and explore the pros and cons of both candidates. The event was well attended and included quite a few American friends who happened to be visiting from across the pond.

Julian Assange’s Bid for Political Asylum – 28 June 2012

In an extraordinary turn of events, Julian Assange manages to bid for political asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy. LSE Crossfire’s gathering in South Kensington explored Assange’s – and the UK’s – options. A lively and heated debate ensued, with quite a bit of conjecture on how things might unfold.

Mutually Assured Cyber-destruction? – 29 March 2012

Alumni gathered to explore whether the nuclear deterrence framework of mutually assured destruction could be applied to the use of cyber-weapons by advanced states. Parallels were drawn, yet the abstract nature of debate left many questions unanswered. A sequel to this event is surely on the horizon.

Success and Failure as Entrepreneur are Essential for Long-Term Success - 22 September 2011

Over 100 alumni and friends met in Clement House to engage with three diverse and successful entrepreneurs. An intense exchange of ideas lasted for close to two hours and explored a wide range of issues pertaining to success and failure in entrepreneurship.

The event was also attended by alumni from Cambridge University's Judge Business School and several key venture capital figures. It was a roaring success!
Guest Panel:
Rodolfo Rosini: Founded and sold CellCrypt – a mobile encryption company – for $25m. He’s currently CEO at Namaste, an angel-backed social games platform that is being advised by Google’s former head of M&A and, according to TechCrunch, is “poised for launch”. Rodolfo studied management at the LSE.
Chris Robson: Built and floated Syzygy AG on the Neuer Markt in Germany, raising €55m. He’s currently involved in various ventures and recently published a book titled Confessions of an Entrepreneur. Chris studied at Eton College, Oxford University and LBS.
Charles Delingpole: Founded and sold – the UK’s leading online forum for university students. His current venture, MarketInvoice, has received extensive coverage on CNN and the BBC for its innovative approach in combining a web-based auction model with financing solutions. Charles was at Cambridge University and studied management at the LSE.
Event Chair:
Alberto Lidji: Founder and president of LSE Crossfire. He studied management at the LSE and did a research degree at Cambridge University.


LSE alumni and friends met to discuss the referendum in southern Sudan, a key part of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). Various topics were explored, including the efficacy of international monitoring in over 2,600 polling centres.

CORPORATE RISK: doing business in emerging market economies – 21 October 2010

LSE Crossfire members and friends met at the LSE's New Academic Building to host Dana Denis-Smith, the MD and founder of Market Global – a risk consultancy focused on emerging markets. Dana completed her BSc and MSc at the LSE and subsequently joined The Economist Intelligence Unit, Reuters and the BBC, before embarking on a legal career at Linklaters, in London. She left Linklaters to start Marker Global and is the firm's current Managing Director.

The lecture explored the various types or risk, which investors need to consider when doing business in emerging markets – with a focus on corporate transactions – and also shed light on the risk consulting sector. Among other things, the lecture explored the competitive landscape in various types of risk consulting and the different dynamics of specific emerging markets.

A Q&A session followed the lecture, with interesting questions revolving around emerging market investments, political lobbying, development and risk, electoral reform and risk, and the entrepreneurial opportunities within risk consulting.


LSE alumni gathered to discuss BP’s recent troubles and to explore the industry’s new regulatory landscape, in the US and internationally. Opinions covered commercial and political angles. The event was followed by a networking session.

UK ELECTIONS – 25 March 2010

LSE alumni representing the three major parties met in Berkeley Square to discuss the upcoming General Election, and key local elections in Westminster. Cordial chat quickly developed into a heated policy debate, which lasted two hours longer than expected. Informal networking followed the event.


A lively pre-Christmas event was held to explore predictions for the coming decade. The 2010s are anticipated with great optimism, with the majority of those attending predicting a considerably improved political and economic environment. The events of 9/11 and the economic meltdown loomed large in discussions to assess the path ahead. Among the key predictions were the continued erosion of Microsoft’s market position in operating systems and closer policy integration between Eurozone countries.


Discussions focused on the need to deploy more rigorous research standards at many UK think tanks and affiliated organisations. All too often, organisational objectives seem to influence research outcomes in order to foster news coverage and underscore a specific viewpoint. Attendance at this event was strong and discussion extremely fruitful. The event welcomed respected researchers and leaders from leading think tanks and non-profit organisations.


Leading universities in the UK and the US are exploring eLearning as a tool to reach a wider audience of highly intelligent, talented and motivated individuals, who may not have the flexibility to physically attend lectures on campus. Likewise, the private sector and NGOs are exploring how to deliver essential skills, in areas such as business and IT, to audiences in developing countries, where educational infrastructure is lacking. Experts in this field shared their views with LSE Crossfire members and an insightful Q&A and discussion followed. Many thanks to everyone who attended this wonderful event.


The UK is home to an extremely diverse population. Religion and faith are deeply important to many, and life decisions often follow social norms within religious communities. Fostering mutual understanding is key, since much "friction" between communities of differing beliefs is based on misunderstanding. The importance of dialogue, academic exchanges and interaction were discussed by LSE alumni and invited guests.

NON PROFIT SECTOR - 18 December 2008

As 2008 comes to a close, LSE Crossfire members met to discuss the potential value that Not-for-Profit organisations can bring in the midst of a prolonged financial crisis. The gathering was held in London's West End and attracted members from diverse professional and academic backgrounds.

TELEWORKING - 19 March 2008

The meeting explored whether teleworking can make a meaningful contribution in alleviating city congestion and reduce the pollution associated with daily office commuting.

PREDICTIONS FOR 2008 - 19 December 2007

An informal pre-Christmas gathering in London's West End. We had a wonderful turnout and discussions focused on predictions for 2008. Optimism was in the air although there was concern over the looming financial crisis. All the best for the New Year!

MARKET VOLATILITY - 10 August 2007

LSE Crossfire explored the recent financial market volatility, caused by the crisis in the US sub-prime mortgage market. Members of supranational and investment banking organisations were present and lively debate revolved around the different approaches embraced by US and European central banks,...

FLU PANDEMIC - PART II - 15 March 2007

Dr Charlie Easmon, medical director at the Number One Health Group of Harley Street, was hosted by LSE Crossfire. He spoke at length about the risks associated with bird flu and business contingency planning. The event was attended by a diverse audience and followed by a delightful — and impromptu...

NATWEST THREE - 12 September 2006

LSE Crossfire was proud to host Alun Jones QC, who represented the NatWest Three during their extradition battle in 2006. Alun Jones spoke at length on the legal debate over extradition law in the UK. Listen to the full event here: Mr Jones is a barrister at Great James Street...

ELECTRIC CARS - 28 March 2006

LSE Crossfire hosted a debate on The Role and Impact of Government Incentives Aimed at Generating Demand for Electric Automobiles” Technological innovation has finally delivered electric cars that are financially viable, practical and quickly gaining a foothold in the marketplace. With performance...

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